Bits of Peace…

Take care of this vine,
and protect what my hand has planted.

From Psalm 80:16

This first week of Advent, I continue my efforts to bring a bit of God’s peace to my little corner of the world. At the same time, I’ve had a bit of trouble maintaining the peace within and around me. It’s so difficult to feel at peace these days!

My little family and I are generously blessed. I express my gratitude to the Lord God daily –sometimes several times a day- for this. I cannot count how often I give thanks for the little things which compel me to smile so often. Still, others for whom I care deeply suffer greatly. Add to this the woes of our world and you see why I’m troubled. I feel helpless as there isn’t much that I can do to alleviate most of this. So it is that I pray for peace. I pray that peace will come to those I know and to all the world.

When nothing seems to change, I become impatient. I order God to take care of things. “I wouldn’t talk to you this way,” I say, “if you’d fix this!” It’s usually after such a conversation that I run into these loved ones. They share that, though all isn’t well, God is with them and they’re at peace. The same is true for the rest of the world. That occasional bit of good news renews my hope. In the face of these things, I turn to God once again. This time, I apologize and renew my promise to spread peace everywhere I go.

Patient God, thank you for your patient love and for trusting us with your peace.

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