O Lord, my God, in you I take refuge;
save me from my pursuers and rescue me…

Psalm 7:2

It was almost comical. I would have laughed if my fatigue had not been so painful. Not a second after I looked up to whisper a prayer for relief, another request came my way. Of course, I responded with a smile and then returned to my internal brooding. I eventually gathered up my things and headed to my car. The strikingly clear blue sky and the warm sunshine dispelled my thoughts of self-pity. As I walked on, it occurred to me that there are many whose suffering is so great that the beauty above me would mean little to them on that particular day.

With that, I thanked God for making me a reasonably approachable sort who can occasionally lighten the burdens of those around me. I went on to ask God to bring tangible consolation to those who suffer so much more than I do. I ended my prayer with a promise to relax and rejuvenate by enjoying the afternoon which lay ahead. God should not have to provide me with refuge when a few hours of rest will do the trick.

Loving God, you provide us with everything we need, if only we will open our eyes to your blessings.

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