Q… Quiet, Outside and Inside

Be still, and know that I am God…
From Psalm 46:10

Q is for Quiet. A few years ago, when I made my first attempt at meditating my way through the alphabet, I felt very good about my progress until I approached the letter Q. I wondered what I could possible come up with. When I voiced this concern to my friend, a light bulb immediately appeared over her head. “Quiet,” she almost whispered. “You know… quiet.” With that, I hugged Carol and thanked her for the inspiration. Q is for Quiet… Of course! Today, I will revisit her wisdom because I still need to work on creating and using quiet productively.

I’m a master at creating a quiet environment. When I’m home alone, the television is off and other noisy distractions are scarce. Still, this isn’t the quiet which Carol suggested. Carol nudged me toward the internal quiet where we encounter God deep within ourselves. This is the quiet that often comes in unexpected places at unexpected times. I find this inner quiet most often when I venture outdoors. When freezing temperatures keep me indoors, I look elsewhere. I’ve found this inner quiet here at home and in both a full and empty church. I’ve also found it at the mall. There is something about the faces I pass and the interactions between parents and children, spouses and groups of teens which reveal the Almighty to me. During these encounters, I don’t pray a word because these quiet revelations speak to me.

So it is that I learn to quiet my innards because it is in that quiet stillness that I come to know God.

Dear God, thank you for filling my quiet place with your loving presence.

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