Those Special Women

Her children rise up to praise her;
her husband, too, extols her.

Proverbs 31:28

My husband’s aunt passed away a year ago just prior to her 102nd birthday. Aunt Mary was a true matriarch who held her own until the very end of her life. The only exception was her one hundredth birthday party which she told her children not to have. When they insisted, Aunt Mary insisted as well. She would allow only a very small gathering. For once, her children didn’t listen to her! It was a grand celebration that even Aunt Mary enjoyed.

When my husband’s cousins recently sold Aunt Mary’s home, memories filled me up. Though I’m the in-law in all of this, the family who occupied that home welcomed me into their lives. Because of the distance between them, she and my husband’s mom spoke over the phone frequently. Afterward, my husband’s mom quickly called him to share the latest family news. Of course, he shared the same with me. And so it went for decades…

You know, there’s something to be said for the matriarchs in our families. My own clan boasts several who resemble Aunt Mary in their determination and their immeasurable capacities to love. They lead us in strong, but nurturing ways, each in her own way. Though not one of them is perfect, each one certainly leaves her indelible mark on us with loving precision. In the end, each of these women did the best she could and I am most grateful. After all, they’ve given me a peek at God’s feminine side which I might otherwise have missed.

Loving God, thank you for the special women who enrich our lives.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

My Hero

Mary called the Magdalene…
and many others were assisting them out of their means.

From Luke 8:2-3

I don’t exaggerate when I say the visiting Mary Magdalene’s hometown was enough to compel me to fly off to Israel. Mary Magdalene has been a hero to me all of my life. My mom is a strong woman who endured her share of troubles, yet embraced this life with passionate determination. In spite of the uncertainties which lay before her much of the time, my mother consistently put her best foot forward and carried on. As a child, when I pictured Mary Magdalene, I imagined her with my mother’s strength and seeming fearlessness.

Very early on, I witnessed the difficulties faced by women who go it alone. Though Mary Magdalene was a woman of means, she also suffered from a serious malady. First Century Jews considered such conditions to be the result of possession by demons or of serious sinfulness. Either way, those in Mary’s situation didn’t garner much sympathy from their contemporaries. In spite of all of this, Mary managed to maintain her position and her wealth. When she and Jesus met, Mary’s cure resulted. With deep gratitude for this turn of events and with great respect for Jesus’ message, Mary supported Jesus in his ministry.

My mother perpetually remained in “provider mode” as she eked out grocery money and fashioned much of our clothing by sewing new things or re-styling the old. She worked heard and took advantage of every sale to provide for us. Mary Magdalene operated in “provider mode” as well. She tended to the food and lodging needs of Jesus and his disciples while also attending to his every word. I think Mary Magdalene loved Jesus so completely because he lived love as eloquently as he preached about it.

Dear God, Mary Magdalene embraced Jesus’ message and lived accordingly. Help me to do the same.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved