Only The Best

He guides me in right paths…”
From Psalm 23:3

Our son and his wife recently observed that they’ve been married for almost a dozen years. As I watched them play Croquet with their three daughters, my thoughts turned to a conversation from long ago…

Our son Mike had determined that Abby was “the one” and he wanted to gift her with something very special for Valentine’s Day. Before he shopped, Mike called his dad and me several times to secure our sage advice on the subject. Some days later, Mike called to share that he had purchased the perfect gift. We were impressed that he found something far more wonderful than the things his dad and I had suggested. We were equally certain that Abby would be impressed, too.

Memories of my son’s eagerness to express his love appropriately nudge me to consider the ways I express my love to my own loved ones and to the God who gave them to me. Just as Mike put great effort into Abby’s gift, I need to consider what it is that I present to my loved ones every day. Is my effort in this regard the best I have to offer? As I think about those I’ve been given to love, it occurs to me that when I love them well, I also love God well. God couldn’t have made this loving business any easier.

Loving God, thank you for my loved ones and for the opportunity to love you through them.

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