Enjoy The Journey

He instructed them to
take nothing on the journey
but a walking stick…

Mark 6:8

My husband loves to travel. The other day, when I gathered up the newspaper for the recycle bin, I found the travel sections from three old papers. Because the weather is growing colder and the impending holidays are making us busier, this shouldn’t surprise me. My husband has always coped with life’s demands by daydreaming -and perhaps planning- a trip of some sort.

I’ve shared before that I’m a very reluctant traveler. This wasn’t the case when our sons were young and we drove to our chosen destinations. Now that they have married and vacation with their own families, my husband has been more daring with his travel plans. This means that they include airplanes and cramped seating which drives me crazy-literally!

The truth is that I always have a wonderful time once we reach our destination regardless of where it is. Perhaps this is what Jesus was getting at when he sent out his disciples with no luggage and no inhumane seating arrangements. Perhaps he didn’t want anything to keep them from making the most of their travels among us.

Thank you, Dear God, for my persistent husband who continues to plan much-needed times away for us. Bless him with many more wonderful trips and bless me with the courage to embrace his plans and to enjoy this beautiful world and its wonderful people.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved


God’s Artwork

Great are the works of the Lord,
exquisite in all their delights.

Psalm 111:2

Our neighbor’s recent trip to Alaska reminded me of our experience there a few years ago. The exquisite beauty of that amazing expanse truly left its mark on my soul. Our only disappointment was missing the Aurora Borealis. Cloudy skies hid it from view every single night of our trip. This morning, Psalm 111 prompted me to search online for what I missed. Though I know the images and videos I found didn’t do justice to this wonder of Creation, they took my breath away just the same.

Just knowing the Aurora is out there for someone to see compels me to smile. Perhaps I will see it in person one day. In the mean time, I’ll enjoy the beauty at hand. This is far more productive than the fretting and worry I’ve been focusing upon as of late.

Loving God, thank you for the beauty with which you surround us and for giving us the ability to appreciate these gifts. Help me to focus more on these wonders and less upon my worries, especially the worries which are out of my hands.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved