My Children’s Books

I grew up on the West Side of Chicago where life is full of adventures. Several years ago, I decided it was time to share my my stories. I’ve chronicled them in the form of children’s books. Though it has taken more than a decade to get my first book into print, the result has proven to be great fun for me and my readers. I DON’T LIKE MICE is a great example what it’s like to grow up in the city.


I write…

It was eighteen years ago -February, 1992, when I was asked if I could “write something” to help fill our very first church bulletin. Since I’d periodically provided a paragraph for my previous parish’s weekly, I responded with a “yes.” What began as a single column has evolved into a full page reflection. I consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity. I enjoy thinking about the scriptures, other inspirational writings, people, nature and God’s presence in our lives, all of which give me Something To Think About on a regular basis. When someone comments to me about what I’ve written, I never cease to be surprised that somebody has taken my words to heart. This lovely Friday evening, in the light of a beautiful sunset, I give thanks for the gifts of inspiration, words, the writings they become and the readers who so generously share their responses with me.

This is the first day…

This is my first blog!  As type, I wonder if anyone will read this.  People are so busy these days that it seems a bit much to expect them to “tune in” and…  Hmmm. Should I have written “log in?”  As I reflect further, I realize that of the many blessings that have touched my life, the gift of friendship is the one I value most.  A kind word here, a smile there and a well timed expression of understanding have made all of the difference in my life.  So, I will write with the hope that I can do the same for you.