… For Christmastime and Winter Days [BOOK]

Something To Think About…For Christmastime and Winter Days is a daily devotional intended to draw the reader into a meaningful and lasting celebration of the Christmas Season. Each reflection is an invitation to enter into a deeper relationship with God and with those we’ve been given to love. Author Mary Penich draws from her own life experiences and spiritual journey to provide a daily reflection and prayer for each of the eighty-seven days of Advent, the Christmas Season and the winter days that follow. Mary sets the tone for this journey with an opening discussion of these seasons within the church year. Through the reflections and prayers that follow, Mary inspires her readers to attend to God and to one another in our daily circumstances. Each reflection is based upon a scripture passage from the Bible. For those who follow the Lectionary, passages are taken from Cycle B.

4 thoughts on “… For Christmastime and Winter Days [BOOK]”

  1. Such beautiiful memories of a long time 2nd grader. What a blessing to have had such a beautiful woman as your teacher. Is she still alive? Are you still in contact with her? This should be shared with her. You have been so very blest.

    God bless.

    1. Sister Mary Carmelice was both a great teacher and a great person. This was a tough year for me as my dad was ill. He passed away two months after my First Communion Day. Perhaps Sister knew that these lessons were what I needed that year. I haven’t been in contact with her over the years, though I do have some access to the B.V.M.s. If I can find her, I’ll send her the article. Thanks for reading, Joyce!


  2. God has a great way of placing the right people in our lives when He knows we need extra help and lessons. I do hope that you can find her as I am sure she would enjoy your article and the ones that you have written. Keep ’em coming as I look forward each week in reading them. God bless.


  3. 11 Sept – a date that is hard to remember. I do not like 11 Sept 2001. I was home sick in bed when I turned on the TV and saw the 2nd plane go into the 2nd tower and at the same time remembering that it was our son’s 31st birthday. We called to wish him a happy birthday and he said it is hard to be happy. We told him we were sad at the violence but ever so happy that it was the day he was born 31 years ago and is our son. For that we are so ever grateful.

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