God’s Treasure

How shall I make a return to God for all God has done for me? Psalm 116:12 My husband and I have replaced three white pine trees. These once majestic trees had overrun our yard and our neighbor’s yard while also dangling precariously over our roofs. We’d delayed the inevitable until this spring because Mike … Continue reading

God’s Characters

“I have found you and with my holy oil I anoint you…” From Psalm 89:21 A few days ago, I referenced a childhood photograph which conjured up a regretful memory. Today, a second look at that photo brought a smile to my face. My brother, my four sisters and I are posed on the steps … Continue reading

Option A or B or…?

When they heard the sound of God moving about in the garden, the man and his wife hid themselves… From Genesis 3:8 When I was a child, we had two family bibles. One was a nicely bound family edition and the other was intentionally kid-friendly. This large book consisted of cardboard front and back covers … Continue reading

Share Your Wisdom Generously

Therefore I prayed, and prudence was given me; I pleaded and God’s wisdom came to me. Wisdom 7:7 Times are tough. When we lose a loved one and cannot mourn with those who love us, our pain is amplified beyond measure. Though I couldn’t be with a friend in this situation, I sent her a … Continue reading

Love As God Loves

As a father loves his children, so God loves us. Psalm 103:13 Some years ago, I shared that I work hard at trusting in the goodness of humankind. I’m not foolish enough to believe that there are no evildoers among us. Still, I do believe that in the right circumstances most of us would choose … Continue reading

Memorial Day

For God loves the people, and God rewards the lowly with victory. Psalm 149:4 This morning, my thoughts turn to our service men and women, present and past. These brave souls accepted an obligation which had or has the potential to take them to the point of death. Though some battled doubt along the way, … Continue reading