I Don’t Like Mice [BOOK]

Mary Penich’s I DON”T LIKE MICE is an easy-to-read story of a little boy’s seemingly endless quest to get rid of the mice that keep him awake every night. As soon he goes to bed and darkness fills his room, the boy can hear these annoying little critters. The mice scritch-scratch their way from his bedroom to the kitchen and back as though they own the place. Read to find out if this frustrated little fellow is able to rid himself of his nighttime visitors. Will Dad or Mom or Mr. Henry LaDoone be able to help? I DON”T LIKE MICE is the first book in the series of Polk Street Adventures based upon Mary’s childhood years on Polk Street, The West Side, Chicago, Illinois.

Purchase it from Amazon!

Of course you can still purchase the paperback version of I DON’T LIKE MICE from Amazon and have it shipped directly to your school, church or  to your house.

If you would like to purchase a copy for each student in your class or each of your kids/grandkids, you can email Mary for our money saving bulk rate.

If you need any further help with your orders please email:

Mary at MaryPenich.com

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