Our Words Matter

She opens her mouth in wisdom and on her tongue is kindly counsel. Proverbs 31:26 I’m returning to our visit to Mount Carmel in Israel today. A recent verbal fumble on my part brings me back to an incident which occurred while we visited the chapel at the top of the mountain that day. When … Continue reading

The Leper Within

Our return trip to Israel stirred memories of our first adventure there. As was the case last time, it rained a bit for a few days. Still, I appreciated the weather. The fifty and sixty-degree temperatures provided welcomed relief from the cold we’d left behind in Gurnee. Our guide Yossi shared our gratitude for the … Continue reading

Thank You, Neighbors!

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” From Mark 12:31 I don’t have the time to post two reflections in a single day. Still, yesterday’s activity in my snow-covered neighborhood compels me to do just that. Several inches of snow had fallen overnight. Local schools were closed and some of the neighbors worked from home. A few … Continue reading

Hallowed Ground

When Jesus finished instructing his twelve disciples, he left that locality to teach in their towns.. Matthew 11:1 While in Israel, we traveled from place to place on a coach bus. I am most grateful for Yani, our endearing and enduring bus driver, who delivered us safely to our numerous destinations. Yani’s careful driving freed … Continue reading

Withdraw Into God’s Company

But the hand of the Lord was on Elijah… From 1 Kings 18:46 My experience on Mount Carmel revealed that Elijah’s fiery presence was complimented by his contemplative side. Elijah said of himself that he was on fire with zeal for God. One doesn’t become this close to God without spending time in God’s company. … Continue reading

By Peaceful Means…

The Lord’s fire came down and consumed the holocaust…” From 1 Kings 18:38 After leaving Caesarea and our stop at the Baha’i Gardens, we drove to Mount Carmel. Our guide explained that the word “Carmel” comes from two Hebrew words for “vineyard” and “God”. This mountain’s plush greenery had earned it the title of God’s … Continue reading