God’s Attraction

They immediately abandoned their nets and became his followers. Mark 1:18 The other day, while sharing my joy over finally adhering to a reasonable writing schedule, a friend asked, “Where do you get all of those stories?” I laughed as I recalled my mom’s designation “Little Big Ears” in response to my uncanny ability to … Continue reading

Our Work

Doing the will of him who sent me and bringing his work to completion is my food. John 4:34 Several weeks ago a couple of sisters visited our parish. Not long after, another sister appeared to make an appeal for missions in the Philippines. These women were not siblings, but religious sisters who immediately elicited … Continue reading

The Mother of Jesus

Out of my distress, I called to the Lord, and he answered me; From the midst of the nether world I cried for help, and you heard my voice. Jonah 2:3 On this feast of Mary’s arrival in heaven, my thoughts turn to my mom. My mother had great devotion to Mary the Mother of … Continue reading

We Are Heard

“Lord, if you will do so, you can cure me.” Jesus stretched out his hand to touch him and said, “I will do it. Be cured.” Luke 5:12-13 When I was a little girl, my parents assured me that it is always appropriate to bring our troubles to God. We often did so en masse. … Continue reading

God’s Ongoing Presence

Four weeks have passed since we celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of our parish’s founding. Memories from that day and the years which preceded it continue to fill me up. I’m still amazed over all that has occurred since we celebrated our first Mass together March 7, 1992! Two weeks ago, I found reason to reminisce … Continue reading

Why Not Now?

They carried to him all those afflicted with various diseases and racked with pain… He cured them all. From Matthew 4:24 My sister and I attended a family baby shower last weekend. Seeing our extended family elicited fond memories of our parents, grandparents and siblings who’ve passed. Though I’m certain of their current bliss, the … Continue reading